Seeds are a vital necessity to life as a whole. Heirloom seeds are the open-pollinated non-genetically engineered or modified seeds which have been handed down and saved for generations. GardenPlantSeeds.com is a leading supplier of Heirloom Vegetable Garden seeds. Our seeds produce vegetables that preserve their rich and tasty heritage. It’s about getting back to the days before GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) were added to the supply. While genetically modified seeds may prove to be disease resistant, we are not confident in the use of chemical additions nor the process of hybrid seed germination.

Garden Plant Seeds provides a full line of heirloom varieties, exclusive gardening tools and supplies, survival gear and more to all who have an interest in growing their own food and/or off the grid survival. From the backyard gardener with a desire to grow their own deliciously colorful veggies to the prepared family interested in storing for the future.

Our seeds are safe and proven through years of care with only nature as an additive.